Trust the UK’s largest Passive Fire Protection & Fire Stopping company

Putting your building compliance and safety in someone else’s hands is not just important, but critical to getting it right. Ensuring your buildings are compliant, both now and into the future, will form an important part in your overall fire strategy…

Established in 1989, Checkmate Fire is the UK’s leading passive fire protection specialist, supplying a comprehensive range of third-party accredited fire surveys, fire stopping installation and compliance services to public and private sector organisations in a range of sectors across the UK.

With more than 200 specialist personnel, we maintain passive fire safety in around 2,000 buildings, along with completing 30,000+ fire door remediations or replacements every year. Providing bespoke solutions for our clients, and developing the most comprehensive range of built-in passive fire protection services in the market, Checkmate makes your buildings compliant now, and maintains this for the future.

From planning to post-installation, Checkmate provides a one-stop solution, encompassing a breadth of products, and tackling the majority of passive fire-related issues.

Delivering Passive Fire Protection Nationwide

With branches strategically placed across the UK, we are well positioned to deliver high standards of service, both regionally and nationally.

Our experienced management teams are well versed in delivering small scale solutions, alongside large, multi-million pound projects. Operating as both sub-contractor and Principal Contractor, Checkmate has huge, cross-sector versatility.

Providing fire stopping to a wide range of environments, including public spaces, student accommodation, industry, offices, theatres, education centres, housing and hotels, we provide our clients with maximum safety and compliance.

Taking our clients on the path to passive fire compliance, our UK-wide company can manage your journey to complete compliance, no matter what your industry, no matter what your size.

Our People: Experts In Fire Stopping

Our people are at the heart of all we do. Through excellence, passion, integrity, curiosity, consideration, and a focus on getting it right first time, we have created a vibrant company culture, where our people can thrive, success can flourish, and our communities are protected. Our teams are passionate about passive fire protection in the built environment. Supporting apprenticeship schemes, training and development plans, and providing clear succession and career paths for our people, we like to think Checkmate is a fantastic place to work and grow.

Free Fire Door Inspection App

We've recently launched the CheckMyFireDoor app, which is designed to help undertake “unskilled” checks of fire doors to give an indication of the fire door conditions. Used on a regular basis, it enables the user to follow the requirements for fire doors, as outlined in the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

Visit the CheckMyFireDoor page to find out more. 

Our Latest Passive Fire Projects

Delivering efficient, compliant and quality-assured solutions across the UK, we work collaboratively with organisations to design, develop and implement the fire compliance services required. You can take a look at some of our recent projects here.

News & Events

View our latest news & events within the passive fire protection sector - from exhibitions, seminars, CSR activities and training programmes, to fresh contracts, new regional offices openings and exceptional project delivery.