Fire Door Repairs, Maintenance & Remediation

At Checkmate, we always prioritise fire door repair over replacement. Over the last 5 years, we have remediated 60% of all fire door projects - only installing new fire doors when necessary.

With over 30,000 fire doors remediated or replaced every year, our expert team of over 200 specialist personnel are hand to take care of your fire door maintenance. Whether you require one off repairs or continual support through pre-planned maintenance, our nationwide team can provide you with fire door remedial works which suit your needs.  

Fire Door Repairs: At-A-Glance

How does fire door repair work?

Fire door repair involves the application of a set of industry-accepted repair techniques which reinstate the integrity of the fire door, enabling it to perform as originally intended in the event of a fire - protecting your building, its contents, and its people.

We’re able to fit a range of innovative and cost-effective products to protect and increase the life of your fire doors whilst reducing maintenance bills. All installed protection products are designed, tested and proven to retain full integrity even after prolonged abrasion and impact. Common areas where repairs take place are:

  • Leaf gaps
  • Threshold gaps
  • Light leaf/frame damage
  • Hinges
  • Fire Door Glazing
  • Door Hardware
  • Air Transfer Grilles
  • Door Closing Devices
  • Intumescent Strips
  • Signage

In instances where remidiation isn't possible, we're able to provide you with full support on new fire door installation

Fire Door Maintenance: Did you know?

91% of our fire door repair works are within an occupied buildings, meaning that we're well versed in working in spaces which are currently being used - keeping your operational disruption to a minimum.

Our Fire Door Repair Experts

Checkmate's expert passive fire engineers are fully qualified to carry out fire doors inspections and repairs that will not compromise the integrity of the door. Over the last 5 years, we have remediated 60% of all fire doors - only installing new ones when necessary, providing you with a cost and time saving to get the most out of your investment.

With more than 300 specialist personnel, we maintain compartmentation and passive fire safety in around 2,000 buildings, completing 30,000+ fire door remediations or replacements every year across the UK.

Checkmate Fire's fire door inspection tool

Checkmate Fire's fire door inspection tool

LPCB/BM TRADA Accreditation

Checkmate are proudly LPCB accredited for your peace of mind. LPCB has been assessing and approving fire resisting systems and fire protection construction products for more than 100 years and has one of the best equipped laboratories in the world. Ensure you use accredited installers of fire resisting systems and fire protection products when it comes to fire door repairs.

Outside of accreditation, it is crucially important that fire doors are installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions can also specify the necessary fixings; any deviation at all from the system specification or method of build which must be confirmed in writing before the work is commenced. It is often too late when the product has been installed to try to unpick, and this can also lead to costly remediation work.

LPCB/BM TRADA Accredited Checkmate Fire inspector carrying out fire compartmentation survey

All remediated fire doors will be issued with a 3rd party LPCB certificate to LPS1197 standards or BM TRADA record of Q-MARK certified activities. To find out more, visit our accreditations.

Need Help With Fire Door Repairs?

Want to protect your fire safety investment?

Our Pre-Planned Maintenance service, Compliance+, removes the impact of unexpected costs and provides you with peace of mind that your fire safety measures will always be compliant.

  • Enable Budget Surety

  • Mitigate Risk & Liability

  • Safety Fire Compliance