Going the distance to remove plastic. 

Checkmate Fire uses 300,000 plastic tube cartridges per year as part of our overall firestopping services provided to clients. This represents the single largest use of plastic in our business operations.

A switch that makes a real difference. 

A key component of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy is to reduce, eliminate or improve how waste is handled from client sites or as a direct result of our own activities by following the waste management hierarchy.

We are therefore pleased to announce an immediate change in our packaging for FS702 Fire Resistant Acrylic Sealant with a new more sustainable packaging solution. We have worked extensively and collaboratively with our supply partners, such as Nullifire to develop this more cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging in the form of 400ml foil sausages which offer several important advantages over traditional plastic cartridges and guns.

As the firestopping industry continually seeks more sustainable practices, we are pleased to be at the forefront of this change.

Intumastic fire resitant sealant

95% reduction in waste

The 400ml foil holds approximately 35% more product compared to the standard 310ml cartridge, while maintaining the same dimensions. This means fewer refills and greater efficiency, ultimately saving time and costs.

The foil packaging features an efficient dispensing mechanism that ensures all the product is utilised, leaving little to no waste. By reducing waste, we not only optimise consumption but also contribute to a more sustainable firestopping industry while realising cost savings.

Once empty, the foil can be easily compacted into a small ‘slug’ that takes up just 5% of the space of a traditional cartridge. This results in a remarkable 95% reduction in waste and significant cost savings in disposal. Approximately 60% fewer nozzles are needed, further contributing to savings in logistics, landfill waste and Energy from Waste (EfW) reductions.

Foil sausages have an extended shelf-life of 36 months, increasing product longevity and eliminating concerns about product deterioration.

replacing cartridge

By choosing the new FS702 foil packaging, we and our clients can take meaningful steps toward a firestopping industry that embraces environmental responsibility. This single change at Checkmate Fire is projected to eliminate 26 tons of plastic from landfills & EfW annually. Even better, by reducing the materials and transportation required, we will lower our carbon footprint by a very substantial 80 tons C02e per year.

Our employees could not be more excited to offer our clients this more sustainable firestopping solution. The UK rollout begins this month in the South, with national implementation through our wider supply chain planned for later in the year.

So, when you’re looking for a third-party accredited company, contact our expert teams and learn how Checkmate Fire can protect your buildings through comprehensive fire protection services nationwide.

Fire resistant glazing demonstration

How Can Improving Your Firestopping Sustainability Benefit Your Business?