The benefits of adhering to passive fire protection standards are clear across all the disciplines of the industrial sector.

Passive fire protection prevents the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a blaze, so getting it right saves lives, reduces the damage to buildings and equipment, helps to ensure the continuity of public services and the survival of businesses, and it can also reduce your insurance premiums.

The Importance of Passive Fire Protection

Committed to helping companies and public sector bodies protect their staff, customers and the general public, Checkmate Fire will help you to reduce the risk of a devastating fire at your premises.

Many people and organisations have a complacent attitude to fire safety. Not necessarily due to deliberate corner cutting or attempts to save money, but because they believe fires to be an unusual occurrence. Unfortunately, official statistics tell a very different story.

Home Office figures show that in a recent reporting period, Fire and Rescue services in England attended 15,815 ‘primary fires’ in non-dwelling buildings – more than 300 a week. These incidents resulted in 17 fatalities and 892 non-fatal casualties.

The data also demonstrated that any type of building could suffer a blaze, with 656 fires in hospitals, 686 in education premises and 1,725 in shops, alongside the 2,112 at industrial sites where risks are perhaps higher due to the nature of the work undertaken.

Industrial Fire Protection Experts

Our unrivalled knowledge means that we have the privilege of working with local and national organisations across the UK as we take a collaborative approach in everything we do.

Checkmate Fire is one of the largest and most reputable passive fire protection companies with operations both in the UK and internationally. Our management and installation teams take pride in the quality of our services.

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