Checkmate Pathway to Passive Fire Compliance Seminar

Join us from 10am-4pm on the 12th July 2023 for our Checkmate Fire Solutions 'The Pathway to Passive Fire Compliance' Seminar! šŸ“š

Our latest seminar will be covering an array of topics such as:

- The latest and upcoming changes in regulation.
- Requirements for passive fire in compiling your Building Safety Case.
- How ESG is shaping the way passive fire is delivered across our industry, from diversity to environmental.
- Firestopping and fire door manufacturer-led innovation.
- Introduction of a “free” app to directly support clients in meeting their obligations for fire door inspection under the Building Safety Act.

This fantastic event also has a great list of industry-renowned guest speakers such as...

Dr Andrew Taylor - Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP)
Sarah Lewis - LORIENT
Aaron Gardiner - CPG UK
Andrea White - AW Fire Ltd

Members of Checkmate's Executive and Senior Leadership Teams will also be taking to the stage in the shape of our Chief Development Officer, Gavin Slattery, and Head of Technical, Damien Ward.

To attend this event simply fill out our RSVP form below or email with confirmation of your attendance. It's that simple!