Checkmate Fire provides a comprehensive range of passive fire protection, fire stopping, fire door remediation and replacement, and fire rated glazing solutions, using only the most advanced products and services for a wide range of commercial buildings throughout the UK.

With hundreds of lives often at stake and rebuild costs that can reach into the millions, it is no surprise that fire protection is one of the highest priorities of today’s commercial construction projects - and we're here to ensure your peace of mind that your buildings are compliant and your lives are safe.

Making sure your commercial buildings maintain compliance and safety

While active fire protection solutions, such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems, may be the first to come to mind, it is crucial for project teams to give the same consideration to passive fire protection systems. Though passive fire protection systems are less visible than active fire protection systems, their function is equally as important.

Investing in the correct passive fire protection can help to minimise the damage to your building in the event of a fire, by preventing it spreading throughout the premises without the need for the deployment of suppression systems.

Checkmate’s specialist teams have seen incidents of intense fires that have been effectively contained in a single room by our protection measures, allowing our customers to quickly return to normal and preventing them from suffering significant financial losses.

Unrivalled Knowledge for Commercial Fire Protection

Our unrivalled knowledge means that we have the privilege of working with local and national organisations across the UK as we take a collaborative approach in everything we do.

Checkmate Fire is one of the largest and most reputable passive fire protection companies with operations both in the UK and internationally. Our management and installation teams take pride in the quality of our services.

At Checkmate Fire, we provide a range of services that will help you to protect your staff, the public, and your premises. In addition to the specification and installation of third-party certified passive fire protection, we offer specialist inspections to assess the effectiveness of your current measures and identify any necessary improvement work.

John Lewthwaite, CEO

Challenges of Working in the Commercial Sector

The commercial sector is a challenging environment, with often very busy, office environments, and areas that are quite sensitive to noise and dust.  We work to deliver our projects with care and attention, sometimes working outside of normal hours, or through weekends. For example, in customer contact centres where background works could affect every day working, we create a suitable programme of works.

We work to minimise dust with appropriate barriers, and always seek to complete works in an area over a fixed period, tidying and cleaning as we go.

In commercial environments there are added complexities of large amounts of data cabling, often installed at differing times.  This adds challenges to fire stopping works, frequently leading to client collaboration and manufacturer assistance to ensure the correct fire stopping detail is used.  We also work to educate our clients to prevent completed fire stopping works being disrupted by future M&E works.

Often, commercial works are undertaken in high-rise office buildings, and whilst there is no “sleeping” risk, the importance of fire doors, regular inspection and maintenance should not be underestimated. In commercial properties we have to work with a variety of stakeholders, where sometime fire doors may be part of a communal demise, or there are several different companies all within one building. 

Good stakeholder communication throughout our works is important to getting it right first time and ensuring client satisfaction.

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