Fire Door Safety Week 2018, which runs from September 24th to 30th, is designed to promote awareness of the importance of choosing the right fire doors and ensuring they are properly installed and maintained. To help you implement the advice you are given during the week, Checkmate Fire has compiled a downloadable fire door inspection checklist.

The specialist teams at our Yorkshire, Birmingham, Harlow and new South-West offices are fully supportive of the Fire Door Safety Week initiative. As part of our passive fire protection inspection and remediation services we all too regularly see incorrectly specified, damaged and poorly installed doors in settings such as hospitals, universities, commercial properties and residential tower blocks.

The result of these issues is that the building’s ability to slow the spread of fire and smoke is severely impaired, compromising escape routes and risking the safety of the people who live and work in them. It also means that in the event of a fire, buildings are likely to suffer more extensive damage, pushing up repair bills and increasing the amount of disruption suffered by businesses or public services.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take to check the condition of the fire doors at your premises and assess whether you need to act to improve the safety of your building. To help you with this, the organisers of Fire Door Safety Week have published a five-step guide to basic fire door inspections, which you can view by clicking here.

To further assist you, Checkmate Fire has published this fire door inspection checklist as a downloadable pdf, so you can cross-reference your checks!

Do you need fire doors installing?

Whether you discover problems with your building’s fire doors or Fire Door Safety Week prompts you to take a closer look at the entire passive fire protection strategy at your premises, Checkmate Fire can help.

We offer a range of fire door installation along with repairs and remidiation, plus fire stopping, compartmentation and structural steel protection, with all our installation and repair work third-party certified. We also offer compliance services that help estate managers and business owners to ensure they have the right passive fire protection measures in place to keep their staff and buildings safe, and their insurers happy.

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