Fire Door Checklist

Correct specification, installation and maintenance of fire doors are critical to ensuring your building is safe.

If you're concerned about the safety of fire doors in your building, here is a simple 5-step checklist.

1. Fire Door Label

  • Look for a label, a plug or a similar marking on the top (or occasionally on the side) of the door to show that it’s certificated, and follow the instructions. IMPORTANT: All ironmongery such as locks, latches, closers and hinges, MUST be CE marked and compatible with the door set’s certification
  • Without a certification mark, you cannot be sure this really is a fire door
  • Use a mirror or the camera on your phone. Or, better still, a Checkmate Fire GAP Gauge

2. Fire Door Gaps and Seals

  • Look for any intumescent seals around the doorframe or leaf edge. Check they’re intact with no sign of damage. Check the gap around the door frame/leaf edge is constant and less then 4mm when the door is closed. The gap under the door can be slightly larger (up to 10mm) unless it’s a fire/smoke door, in which case it should also be less than 4mm - but it does depend on the door.
  • All seals should be from the same manufacturer and not different specifications. A clue would be to observe seals of different colours, or a combination of brush and fin seals in the same door set

3. Fire Door Hinges and Closers

  • Check that the closer shuts the door into closed position - and that CE marked grade 11 or 13 hinges are firmly fixed (3 or more of them), with no missing screws
  • Be sure the door has been properly maintained - check for any maintenance or remediation events which have been carried out to the door

4. Fire Door Glass and Glazing

  • Check the seal is continuous and present between the glass and beading. Also, check that the glazing beads are firmly fixed to the glazing aperture and free from damage
  • Be sure the seals, beads and glass are all intact and free from damage to ensure they will work in the event of a fire. Clear glass should display manufacturer and FR performance marks etched in the top or bottom corner or the glass

5. Fire Door Leaf, Frame and Operation

  • Check the door leaf closes firmly onto the frame without binding. This can be a sign of a poorly installed door set
  • A fire door only works when it’s closed. A fire door is rendered completely useless if it's wedged open or can't close fully