South Yorkshire Housing Association


South Yorkshire Housing Association

Sector: Housing

Year: September 2018

Location: South Yorkshire

Services Used

South Yorkshire Housing Association

Contract value: £440,000

Checkmate Fire won a competitive tender with South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) to complete fire stopping and fire door remediation works at one of their properties. We were then contracted on an ongoing basis to complete passive fire protection works across various assisted living accommodation and nursing homes.


Working in live nursing home and assisted living environments poses a number of challenges which must be properly managed to ensure staff and residents remain safe and as undisturbed as possible.

As Checkmate Fire have extensive experience of working in housing and healthcare sites, our teams at each SYHA property carefully considered issues surrounding undertaking work in close proximity to vulnerable adults, security, noise control, minimising disruption to daily routine and working in coordination with other contractors.

Scope of Work

Before the programme of work began, the Checkmate team organised a planning meeting with SYHA to discuss:

  • Logistics and timescales for programme delivery
  • What the main considerations and health & safety concerns were, and how to most effectively work around these
  • How to best communicate planned works with occupants and users of each building

As some properties we were required to work in consisted of 40 to 60 bed units, it was essential that the Checkmate team effectively communicated with the users of each property and ensured that any disruption to daily operations were kept to a minimum. Our onsite team agreed with the client to use letters and bulletin boards to inform occupants and staff of planned maintenance and installation, which were then updated daily throughout the programme.

As well as maintaining daily communication with Site Managers and Supervisors, the project was managed by Checkmate Fire’s Contracts Manager and Assistant Contracts Manager who visited our onsite teams two to three times per week, per site to ensure the programme was being delivered on time and to the agreed specification.


Checkmate Fire have installed new fire doors and door sets, and successfully repaired doors, roof voids and fire compartments in various South Yorkshire Housing properties, resulting in improved fire integrity at each site. This was all achieved without causing disturbance to the daily routines of occupants.

SYHA recognised that it is imperative that specialist passive fire protection works are carried out by a 3rd-party accredited contractor who can demonstrate that their work is compliant and meets all legal requirements. So after winning the first project through competitive tender, subsequent projects have been awarded due to our strong relationship with the client and their satisfaction with the solutions delivered.

Services Provided

Fire door remediation and installation, fire stopping

Products Used

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