Building Regulations for England and Wales

In addition to the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, building managers and contractors must ensure compliance with Regulation 7 and Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations for England and Wales in regards to passive fire protection.

Regulation 38

Under the Building Regulations for England and Wales Regulation 38, the contractor is responsible for handing over a package of ‘as built’ fire safety information to the ‘responsible person’ at the completion of a project (whether a new build, extension or conversion for change of use), or when the building or extension is first occupied.

Regulation 7

Regulation 7 states that the fire safety information provided should include all fire safety design measures in appropriate detail and with sufficient accuracy to assist the responsible person to operate and maintain the building safely.

This regulation also states that all building work should be completed using adequate and proper materials, appropriate for the circumstances in which they are used. The materials should also be “applied, used or fixed adequately to perform the function for which they are designed … in a workmanlike manner.”