DURASTEEL®: Industrial

The need for safe and effective protection of personnel, plant, stores and property in the manufacturing and supply sectors is of vital importance in their construction and maintenance.

DURASTEEL® is a proven solution for:

  • Warehouses
  • Storage Facilities
  • Factories

DURASTEEL® will contain a fire within compartments of a production area or storage facility, thus allowing for the safe evacuation of personnel, minimising disruption of processes and preventing the destruction of valuable stocks or equipment. 

DURASTEEL® For Warehouse and Factories

DURASTEEL® fire barriers are the preferred choice of protection from the devastating effects of fires in factories, warehouses, and distribution facilities around the world.
Those responsible for the protection and safety of warehouses and factories use DURASTEEL® due to its proven high-specification performance, which facilitates the protection of life and the products stored in the event of a fire.

Warehouses and factories are considered high-risk environments, as they usually house a variety of combustible or valuable products and equipment. They also include many different types of electrical services. All these factors increase the potential of a fire starting and spreading quickly.

DURASTEEL® products can withstand high levels of intense fire whilst also stopping heat transferring throughout the facility, preventing even further damage. This allows for effective escape routes to be created and acts as a life support system for the building until emergency fire services arrive to fight the fire.

By using DURASTEEL®, damage is minimised – saving lives, stock, and rebuilding costs, and giving businesses the ability to continue to service their customers’ needs.

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