DURASTEEL®: Commercial

Until recent pandemic times, a fire could be the single most impactful and devastating event to occur to lives and a business.

Investing in passive fire protection is no longer a ‘nice to have’ option – it’s a fundamental part of your building safety strategy. Protecting the compartmentation of your estate, DURASTEEL solutions can massively assist in reducing the potentially devastating impact of fire.

DURASTEEL®  In A Commercial Environment

DURASTEEL® is the first-choice fire protection product for an impressively wide range of structures within the commercial sector, including:

  • High-Rise Offices
  • Hotels
  • Retail Parks and Leisure Complexes
  • Public Buildings
  • Data Centres
  • Government Institutions

Under fire conditions, compartmentation is maintained - essential in preserving the building and its contents, and making it ideal for minimising the consequences of a major incident. Checkmate Fire Solutions provides full project support from design to completion.

As a tested and proven solution suitable for use in walls, doors, ducting and ceiling applications as well as stand-alone barriers, DURASTEEL is an innovative and impactful way of protecting lives and assets.

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