New Build and Industrial Passive Fire Protection

New Builds require specialist passive fire protection solutions from the outset to protect the structural integrity of the building.

Checkmate Fire can provide you with a comprehensive range of passive fire structural steel protection.

Structural Protection

Few things are more fundamental to the fire safety of a steel framed building than the fire protection of the structural skeleton since failure can lead to the premature collapse. Current regulations require certain elements of the building structure to have fire resistance. The fire protection of a steel framed building is fundamental to the fire safety of the building, protecting the building from a failure that could lead to premature collapse.

Passive fire protection on structural steel members can greatly enhance the ability of the structure to resist fire, dependent upon the particular system chosen.


Boarded Fire Protection

Boarded fire protection systems offer a non-combustible and cost efficient method of providing up to 240 minutes fire protection to structural steelwork. As the original means of affording structural fire protection, this method has seen major developments in the types of boards available today.

Boarded fire protection systems can be durable, resistant to water and beneficial to acoustic performance. Certain fire boarded systems are able to accept decorative applications, such as paint or plaster, providing an aesthetic finish without the need for further preparation.


Intumescent Paint Systems

Intumescent  is the application of a thin film of paint providing up to 120 minutes fire protection to structural steelwork. This method offers a fast solution to protecting steelwork and the Intumescent coatings provide an appearance similar to that of paint, with basic to high gloss finishes now available. While at ambient temperatures Intumescent paint systems remains stable, in the event of a fire the increase in temperature activates a chemical reaction which then causes the intumescent coating to expand many times its original thickness.

This expansion provides an insulating foam-like coating or “char”. It is this “char” that provides the fire protection to the steel work which, in some instances, can be up to 50 times its initial applied thickness.



Checkmate Fire provides comprehensive range of compartmentation works to protect staff, pupils and buildings in the event of a fire. Moreover, all of our work is backed up by intense audits to ensure quality and standard of work.

The aim of Compartmentation is to limit the rapid spread of fire. By dividing building premises into “fire compartments”, fire is contained by forming a barrier against smoke, heat and toxic gases. Fire Compartmentation is designed to contain the fire in the area of origin, providing protection for the building and for its occupants. Fire Compartmentation is the most effective mean of limiting fire damage before the fire brigade arrives. The benefits of compartmentation are: limiting fire damage, allowing further fire prevention systems to be installed, increased fire protection for a limited period of time.

You have the assurance, with Checkmate Fire, that all work will be carried out to the appropriate methods and standards. We will ensure that the building has the adequate compartmentation system, by completing a survey prior to performing any type of work. We will then perform any required additional works such as cavity barriers fitting, repair or supply and installation of fire rated door sets, as well as fire rated ceilings and walls so that the compartmentation system meets the legislative standards.

Our unrivalled knowledge means that we have the privilege of working with local and national organisations across the UK as we take a collaborative approach in everything we do to provide fully 3rd party accredited passive fire protection solutions on price and on time.


Fire Rated Ceilings and walls

Fire rated walls play an important role within effective compartmentation and passive fire protection in general. Fire rated walls are designed to provide 30-120 minutes fire stopping. All partitions enclosing fire escape stairs and fire escape routes require appropriate degrees of fire protection as agreed with Building Control.

Modern education buildings benefit from increased natural light which drives demand for increased internal glazed partitions. Now, it is more important than ever to ensure open spaces and glazed partitioned units remain fire resistant. Checkmate Fire will ensure that your building benefits of an adequate passive fire protection system whether you require standard or glazed walls. Fire Rated Walls will always strengthen an existing passive fire protection system and will make the premises safer.

For more on fire-resistant glazing read our blog hereand visit our Fire Resistant Glazing page here

Checkmate Fire is built on a foundation of continuous improvement, a philosophy that is deeply embedded throughout our business.


Unrivalled Knowledge

Our unrivalled knowledge means that we have the privilege of working with local and national organisations across the UK as We take a collaborative approach in everything we do.

Checkmate Fire is one of the largest and most reputable passive fire protection companies with operations both in the UK and internationally. Our management and installation teams take pride in the quality of our services.

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