Safety First. A motto you’ve heard before but at Checkmate Fire this is the core reason why we do what we do. We believe, passionately, in the business of protecting lives and property.

Understanding fire-stopping and other passive fire protection building systems is similar to attempting to solve a Rubik’s Cube, there are many variables, changing one impacts all the others, and there is really only one right solution. Getting it right and remaining compliant can mean needlessly putting lives and property at severe risk.

​At Checkmate Fire, we go beyond the usual role of simply identifying compliant and non-compliant issues, installing the appropriate product and moving on. We work with each client on an ongoing basis to ensure every person and every building remain fully compliant and protected.

We are passionate about the protection of lives and property and so we not only 

ensure our work adheres to 3rd party accredited standards but strive to provide installation to the best possible standards by ensuring all of our work is audited.

So if your fire stopping issue is a bit of a puzzle, contact the experts with nationwide coverage and nearly 30 years’ experience in your industry providing passive fire protection – drop us a line.