Fire-Resistant Glazed Walls, Partitions, Doors & Windows

Checkmate Fire supply and install high-quality fire-resistant glazing systems for interior and exterior use that mean you don’t have to choose between style and safety when specifying your property.

Alufire fire-resistant glazing From Checkmate Fire

Alufire fire-resistant glass walls

We are the sole supplier and installer of Alufire® fire-resistant glazing products in the UK and Ireland, and can provide you with a complete 360 service from design to completion for your project.

Alufire products were specifically developed to achieve high standards of fire, smoke & heat protection and acoustic performance, while also meeting the requirements of architects for enhanced aesthetics, greater access to natural light and internal views.

The range includes glazed partition and wall systems, doors and windows, with protection from 15 to 120 minutes in terms of both insulation and integrity (EI). All items are fully certified to LPCB and European Standards (EN).

The range of Alufire fire-resistant glazing products supplied and installed by Checkmate Fire includes:

Vision Line

Alufire Vision Line fire-resistant glazing

The Alufire Vision Line system can be used to create frameless fire-resistant glazed walls with 30 to 120 minutes integrity and insulation (EI30 – EI120), which are perfect for office spaces, lecture rooms and other setting in which transparent walls would enhance both the working environment and the look of the interior.

The system has no restriction on the width of the wall and a height of up to 330cm can be achieved, while the gap between the panes of laminated fire glass is just 4mm to 6mm which is filled with non-flammable silicone.

To allow further design freedom, the system permits Alufire glazed doors to be fitted into the fire protection wall and the Vision Line frame can be installed in the floor and ceiling to create a completely transparent look.

The system also delivers excellent sound reduction, with Rw of up to 47dB, and can be applied in C and D category areas.

Alufire Vision Line has the Technical Approval No. AT-15-9439 / 2015, as well as the BRE (Building Research Establishment) No. 1406a certificate in accordance with the LPS 1158 standards.

Contact Checkmate Fire on 01279 850021 or via the website to request more information about Alufire Vision Line.


Classic Line

Alufire Classic Line glazed fire doors

Alufire Classic Line is an aluminium framed fire-resistant glazing system ideal for internal and external mullion fire-proof walls and storefronts. It delivers fire resistance from 15 to 120 minutes in classes E, EW and EI.

There is no limitation on the width of the walls that can be constructed using Classic Line and a height of 420cm can be achieved. The system also offers sound reduction Rw of up to 47dB.

Walls made from Classic Line meet the requirements of the highest category of use IV under the European Technical Approvals ETAG No. 003 guidelines, making them perfect for specification in busy spaces such as school buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, museums, hotel lobbies, conference centres and office block reception areas.

Classic Line enables a high degree of customisation to achieve the desired branding or design scheme. As well as being available in a range of RAL Colours and finishes, it allows the integration of frosted transfers and graphics for branding or enhanced privacy. Fire-rated joinery can also be supplied in bespoke shapes, such as arches, for non-standard spaces.

The Alufire Classic Line system has Technical Approval No. AT-15-6520/2016 and is also certified by BRE (certificates No. 1406a and 1406b) according to LPS 1158 and LPS 1056 standards.

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From design to installation

As specialists in passive fire protection, Checkmate Fire understand both the important role that fire-resistant glazed doors, windows and walls can play in protecting workers and visitors to your premises, and the practicalities involved in achieving a high-quality installation.

Our team of specialists can handle every stage of your project, from designing your Alufire solution through to installation and certification. And their expertise means you can be certain that the end result will be glazing that meets the aesthetic, sound control, light and safety requirements of your premises, as well as satisfying your insurers.

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