Air Sealing

We install various accredited systems and materials that offer protection against fire and smoke throughout the building. As these systems and materials offer protection against fire and smoke they can also be used to seal around services to make an airtight seal that also prevent the passage of sound.

Specialist Air Sealing Services

Penetration sealing systems are a fundamental requirement of fire safety in buildings. Often a neglected part of the building’s fire protection and installed by non-specialists they are nevertheless vital in maintaining compartmentation and preventing the spread of fire and smoke and must be properly installed.

All penetration sealing is recorded with an individual unique seal number, which is labelled and a digital photograph of the seal taken which is then forwarded onto client on completion of project.

Air Sealing for Comms Rooms

Checkmate’s air sealing expertise has been gained from the successful sealing of numerous Comms Rooms and other areas of strategic importance over many years, both working for clients direct and for active fire protection companies such as ADT, G&D, Vigilaris and Firetec. Unless such rooms are adequately sealed to provide gas retention, high pressure gas systems cannot be guaranteed to work when called upon.

Section At-A-Glance

  • Overview
    What is it and how we provide air sealing services
  • Comms Rooms
    Air sealing for Comms rooms.
  • Legal Requirements
    Your need to meeting the requirements of Building Regulations L2 and the additional benefits.
  • Air Leakage and Fire Protection
    Why it’s crucial to adequately seal rooms of importance to prevent ingress of fire and smoke.

Beside the legal requirements the benefits lead to an energy efficient building that have both financial and environmental impact.

Meeting legal and environmental requirements

Since 2002 this expertise has been used to seal building ‘envelopes’ to help meet the air leakage and energy conservation requirements of Building Regulations L2.

In addition to work on numerous hospital and hotel projects, clients include University College London, Interserve and Tavern Developments, for whom Checkmate have worked on JD Wetherspoon and Cloverleaf Pubs throughout the UK.

Air Leakage and Fire Protection

Air leakage testing, in terms of fire protection, is crucial to ensure that rooms and areas of strategic importance are adequately sealed to prevent ingress of fire and smoke, and retain the discharge from a gas suppression system when called upon. Checkmate Fire have carried out numerous room integrity tests over many years

In 2005 to meet the needs of Building Regulations L2, Checkmate entered into a partnership agreement with Wintech Engineering, one of the UK’s leading UKAS Accredited air leakage consultants, to provide a complete air sealing and testing package to clients.

We can install a broad range of acoustic stopping and air sealing products including:

Acoustic Rated Batts

Acoustic Rated Curtains

Acoustic Rated Mastic

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Steve Bramhill, Wintech Director of On-site Services states:

In order for Wintech Engineering to offer a competitive, fully comprehensive service to its customers we have chosen to partner with Checkmate Fire, whose ethos for quality, flexibility and value is in line with our own.

Building Compliance

Part L2 of the Building Regulations (Conservation of Fuel and Power) has been amended, effective from 1st April 2006, and now includes a test for air leakage. Buildings requiring compliance to Part L2 with a gross floor area of greater than 500M2 will require an air leakage test carried out in accordance with ATTMA technical standard 1 (2006) and must be shown to leak no more than 10m3/hr/m2 @ 50pa or less than the figure provided in your SAPS calculations.

Additional Benefits

Beside the legal requirements the benefits lead to an energy efficient building. This has both financial and environmental impact, can lower your heating bills and ultimately save you money. Furthermore, can result in an improved working environment and thus increased productivity and contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, improving your carbon footprint.

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