We Are Checkmate Fire

Checkmate Fire offer Compliance and  installation services both directly and in partnership with other firms to ensure that projects are delivered to the best standards, on time and on budget.

At Checkmate Fire continue our focus on maintaining customer relations and our philosophy of working to ensure services are provided to standards of compliance as a minimum, with a high-quality approach. As a specialist passive fire protection installation & survey company and founder members of the BRE / LPCB passive fire protection certification scheme we operate as two divisions;

  • Compliance providing inspection & other consultancy services
  • Solutions for 3rd Party Accredited installations

Our services include Firestopping/air sealing, fire compartmentation, fire boarding and structural steel protection. Plus, fire doors surveying, restoration and installation and a fully bespoke range of fire rated glazing solutions, designed and installed for you. For nearly three decades, we’ve served a growing list of industries with the same reliable, ethical, quality service that makes us one the most trusted contractors in specialist passive fire protection.

Our History

For almost 30 years Checkmate Fire has provided ethical, specialist, passive fire protection services that’s made us a trusted provider.


As a company, we are fully committed to providing full 3rd party accredited survey and installation works nationwide.

Core Values

To ensure a consistent, outstanding service, Checkmate Fire consider the customer, integrity and compliance in all that we do.

Why Choose Us

Checkmate Fire is one of most experienced and respected specialist passive fire protection companies across the United Kingdom. Checkmate Fire have been working to raise standards across the industry.

  • Founder members of the BRE / LPCB PFP certification scheme
  • Wide range of Compliance, survey and consultancy services
  • Full range of passive fire services
  • Quality and value at the core of our delivery
  • On time and on budget
  • Utilise cutting edge technology to improve customer service
  • Real focus on customer satisfaction

Popular Questions?

The Integrity (Known as class ‘E’) is the ability of an element of building construction, when exposed to fire on one side, to prevent the passage of flames and hot gasses through it to the unexposed side. Whereby, the Insulation (known as class ‘I’) is the ability of an element of building construction, when exposed to fire on one side, to restrict the temperature rise of the unexposed face to below specific levels.

Fire safety is all about protecting life and property. It is a legal requirement for the purchaser of fire safety services to ensure that the person or organisation carrying out the work is ‘competent’.

Third-Party Certification is evidence that a service or product adheres to certain standards. An independent expert, the third party, has assessed the service or product and certified that it complies with those standards.

Approved Document B (ADB) is a Fire Safety document that provides practical guidance on meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations. There may also be alternative ways of achieving compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations. For a copy of Approved Document B click here

This is a Fire Safety document that gives practical advice & guidance on meeting the Building Regulations requirements. www.planningportal.gov.uk

But I live in Scotland, what documents are available from the Scottish Executive?

Technical Standards for fire performance of buildings are available from the Scottish Building Standards Agency at www.sbsa.gov.uk

But what about Northern Ireland?

Go to http://www.northernireland-legislation.hmso.gov.uk/sr/sr2000/20000389.htm for Part E Fire Safety of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000 to see how compliance may be achieved.