Today modern architecture favours transparency even far beyond the facade: the architects prefer natural light and open spaces to determine the design of large buildings right down to their structural core. 

These ‘open’ concepts require the need to meet construction and fire safety requirements for the protection of human life and property. In recent years the expansion of technology in glazing has produced brilliant fire-rated glazing components that comply with the required safety regulations but do not interfere with the architect’s aesthetic vision for a space or building.

This is where Alufire’s transparent fire-resistant glazing comes into play. By allowing modern, bright and open space design that combines safety in a multitude of design possibilities, architects can tap into their creativity without compromising on fundamental regulations and safety requirements.

We are the UK and Ireland’s suppliers and installers of Alufire which offers a wide range of fire-resistant glass options with varying levels of protection to suit your needs. Protection levels are measured in defined time periods (15, 30, 60, 120 minutes) and in terms of both integrity and insulation, as designated by the European Standards.

To ensure the expected fire performance is achieved, should it be called upon, fire or heat-resistant glass must always be specified as part of a tested and approved glazing system and installed by specialists.

Normal toughened glass does not offer adequate fire resistance for required escape routes. These glass elements will shatter at 250°C which will be reached within 2-3 minutes of a fire break out in a building.

Alufire’s Fire-resistant glazing is available in a range of fully tested and approved glazing systems, tested as complete units to LPCB certification LPS1158 and LPS 1056. These include doors, partitions of both framed and unframed solutions and windows.

Alufire’s modern fire-rated glazing components such as glass screens are both fire-resistant and impact-resistant, meeting all aspects of safety. Fire-resistant glazed assemblies stop the spread of fire, smoke and gasses by creating fire compartments where the fire can be contained, limiting the spread of the fire to keep escape routes clear and enabling swift firefighting.

These fire-resistant screens also allow clear vision through the glass element making it easier to detect the fire hazard and ensuring that nothing or no one is left behind.

In terms of fire safety with glass, the actual fire-rated glazing is just one part of a full fire-resistant system.

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This includes the framework, hinges, components, handles etc. which all need to be fire-rated, tested and approved to the various fire ratings. Traditionally Fire-rated framing needed to be in steel or

hardwood timber to achieve sufficient fire resistance in the framing profiles. These have their downsides in terms of profile thickness and finish appearances.

Alufire technology exclusive to Checkmate Fire means that you can get a complete fire rated system in a slim,

contemporary, Aluminium framework which is much preferred in most architectural projects

As well as smoke and gas, fire gives out radiant heat. These invisible and intense waves of energy travel through the air, beyond the reach of the fire. When they strike an object this radiant energy is absorbed and converted into heat. So even if an area is protected by a fire-resistant material, if there are combustible items on the non-fire side of the partition these items can auto-ignite, allowing the spread of the fire beyond the fire-resistant partitioning.

Alufire systems can be specified to limit the amount of radiant heat that is able to travel through the system, therefore reducing the spread of fire and the safety of escape routes.

So now you can specify both safety and design simply by specifying one product, that’s supplied and installed for you.

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