Dedicated to employee development, we’d like to say huge congratulations to Stephen Matthews for passing the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) Foundation course in Passive Fire Protection!

Stephen is the first person to complete this course, using the half day training entitlement available to all employees to support our investment in people.

Rapidly following in his footsteps, all of our colleagues, across every business function (including office and on-site teams) are scheduled to take this course over the next few weeks, ensuring a continued drive for knowledge and improvement.

As part of the Employee Engagement Roadmap, which is foundation to ‘The Checkmate Way’, all employees are allocated half a day per month to invest in training as part of their Protected Learning Time (PLT) through the Checkmate Academy.

Thank you to Stephen, Damien Ward and Natalie Toas for arranging this training for the team and for being passionate about making Checkmate a great place to work.