Christians Against Poverty

An international charity that employs over 300 staff at their Bradford headquarters, Christians Against Poverty aim to provide support to those who require help the most.

  • Sector


  • Timescales


  • Location

    Bradford, West Yorkshire

  • Services Provided

    Fire door/compartmentation survey, fire door replacement/remediation

The Scope:

Having been initially instructed to conduct a fire door inspection and compartmentalisation survey, Checkmate Fire recommended that fire door replacement and remediation work was undertaken.

A three story building with a large workforce present, Checkmate’s on-site team worked within business hours at the request of the client, causing minimal disruption to the working nature of the building whilst carrying out works.

Upgrading the buildings existing infrastructure to ensure that it was fully compliant with all regulations, additional work was also carried out after the original work had been completed to repair damage caused by an attempted break-in.

The Results:

Christians Against Poverty and their internal facilities manager Simon Clarke were both extremely pleased by the work completed by Checkmate, with the on-site team working to their preferred schedule throughout the three-months they were required.

Their head office has now been brought in line with all of the most relevant and up-to-date fire regulations, greatly improving the safety of their large workforce thanks to the fire doors fitted and remediation work completed.

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