London Olympic Stadium

Checkmate were tasked with carrying out a comprehensive inspection of the site to highlight all non-compliance issues and to log the previous fire stopping installer’s barrier labels to create a register of all barriers, which are visually non-compliant for remediation

  • Sector


  • Year

    Mar 2017

  • Location

    Stratford, London

Security was an issue as site/floor plans were carefully monitored, plus, due to the fact that this is a national facility there is a heavy threat to security when events are being held.

We normally work from the building’s previous O+M manuals as supplied but on this occasion the O+M’s manuals presented were inaccurate and couldn’t be relied upon. We therefore carried out site investigations to gain clarity on the issue resulting in numerous, inconsistencies coming to light.

The fire stopping on site is a combination of barriers which appear to be “suitable and sufficient” on visual inspection and other barriers which are in a poor state of repair.

The report highlights only barriers which are non-compliant on visual inspection. In the interest of life safety and building continuity, some barriers have been highlighted on the Fire Stopping Defects Schedule as potentially noncompliant pending further manufacturers’ information, as currently the information provided does not give sufficient information for all barriers installed.

In addition 531 doors where surveyed along with the compartmentation and fire stopping.


The client now has a fully itemised asset register and a detailed schedule for remediation.

Within the schedule there is a breakdown of each issue / door and the cost to remediate. Also supplied as part of the documents are information sheets on the recommended compliant products to be used as part of the remedial works.

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