Pre-Planned Fire Door Maintenance Compliance+

Can you afford the huge costs of non-compliance?

Mitigate surprises and enable budget surety with our ongoing fixed-term Compliance+ contract.

Attempting to remain compliant through one-off annual fire safety inspections will often lead to unexpected costs which can take years to financially remediate and jeopardise other capital projects.

Furthermore, can you be certain that your building is currently within compliance? If you only carry out periodic review or inspections, how can you be sure that you, your staff, customers and stakeholders are completely safe throughout that annual period? 

Non-compliance can result in serious injury and risk to life, as well as severe damage to your property and business. Business owners are responsible and liable for prosecution when faced with a non-compliant building.

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Introducing Compliance+

Our Pre-Planned Maintenance Compliance+ removes the risk from your fire door and compartmentation compliance by combining on-going inspections and maintenance under a fixed-term contract.

Our Compliance+ service:

  • prevents the need for organising ad-hoc fire door inspections and remediation
  • transfers risk
  • guarantees no unexpected fees, and
  • reduces the headache of maintaining compliance.
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We offer a range of Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) options tailored to your requirements, fundamentally helping you to meet legal obligations under the Regulator Reform Order. Our fixed-term contracts are available over 3, 5 or 7 year terms and are tailored to your compliance needs. 

Compliance+ removes the need for an annual inspection and the risks to compliance and risks to costs that that brings, replacing it with ongoing work carried out by our Find and Fix team who continually work through your building to identify and correct compartmental defects. 

  • Enable Budget Surety

    Replace your financial uncertainity with budget surety through our fixed term Pre-Planned Maintainance contract

  • Mitigate Risk & Liability

    Add more certainty to your compliance whilst reducing your risk and libability with a more compliant building

  • Safety First Compliance

    Compliance+ provides an extra level of security towards a safe and complaint building

Let us take the risk out of your fire-door and compartmentation compliance by combining inspection and maintenance for 3, 5 or 7 year fixed term contracts

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