Chief Financial Officer

With a PHD in mathematical modelling of semiconductor devices, and a master’s degree in electronic engineering, Peter began his career as a product design engineer in 1998, before swapping the world of science and engineering for the fast-paced commercial world of advisory and restructuring at KPMG.

Having extensive experience in the demanding construction and property sectors, Peter joined Checkmate’s executive leadership team in March 2020, having latterly spent 3 years as Regional Finance Director at McCarthy & Stone, the UK’s leading retirement housebuilder.

Gaining qualifications from the prestigious KPMG, along with holding senior positions in PLCs, large corporates and SMEs, Peter brings a wealth of financial knowledge and expertise to our talented team.

Peter Rudge - the Chief Financial Officer of Checkmate Fire

At the forefront of driving growth and development for Checkmate, Peter’s biggest achievement in his short time with us is cutting two weeks off the monthly reporting cycle and reducing the working capital cycle to historic lows, as well as overseeing an overhaul and upgrade to the business’s ICT systems.

Fun fact

If being a doctor and a chief financial officer isn’t enough, Peter holds a black belt in karate, making him a triple threat…or so he says. Interestingly, nobody has challenged him on this point.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality first and foremost. We are dedicated to continuous improvement across the board, starting with our people, through our business processes, and ultimately delivering our very best to our customers.

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