Passive Fire Protection Partner of Aviva

Checkmate Fire are proud to be a Specialist Partner to Aviva Risk Management Solutions for passive fire protection services.

We offer a range of services to help protect Aviva customers from the potentially devastating effects fire can have on people, properties and businesses.

All our work is third-party accredited and we are members of the BRE Global Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)’s Loss Prevention Standards schemes LPS 1531 (passive fire protection installation), LPS 1197 (inspection and remediation of fire doors) and LPS 1271 (installation of new fire doors).

How can Checkmate Fire help Aviva customers?

Our services are delivered across the UK by two divisions – Compliance and Solutions – both of which are staffed by fully trained experts.

Compliance Services

Our compliance team can help your organisation to not only improve the safety of your buildings, but also to ensure you meet your legal requirements related to RRO and all other relevant regulations. Services include:

Fire compliance surveys and reports – our third-party accredited assessors will inspect the effectiveness of compartmentation and condition of the fire doors in your buildings, and make recommendations on any required improvements or remedial work. Associated certification and recertification services are available, with LPCB Certificates of Conformity issued once sites meet the required standards.

Fire door inspections – our LPCB accredited inspectors will inspect your fire doors, identify any required remedial work, create and maintain a door schedule, and certify any repaired or replaced doors. For large properties or multi-building estates, the Checkmate compliance team can also implement an ongoing planned inspection and maintenance regime covering the hundreds of doors on site.

Passive fire specification consultancy – our experts can assist with ensuring compliance with Building Regulation 7 in new builds, extensions and refurbishments.  

Air leakage testing – our specialists are experienced in undertaking integrity tests to ensure areas of strategic importance (such as comms rooms) are adequately sealed to prevent the ingress of smoke and fire. We can also undertake any necessary air sealing work identified during the inspection.

Solutions Services

Checkmate Fire’s Solutions division specialise in third-party accredited installation of fire stopping in new builds, extensions, refurbishments and on sites requiring remedial work.

We have extensive experience of delivering projects at residential, commercial, public sector and industrial properties, including tall buildings and sites with complex requirements, such as hospitals.

Our work ensures that building compartments, walls, floors, service risers and roof voids in your properties retain their fire protection, helping to prevent blazes spreading, increasing the time available to evacuate and minimising the damage to property and disruption to your business.

All our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements and fire strategy of the site, use high-quality products in accordance with the scope of their fire tests, are installed by trained staff and are fully accredited.

Our team can specify, supply, install and maintain the entire passive fire protection requirement of your site, including firestops, fire doors, compartmentation, structural steel protection, fire resistant glazing and air sealing.  

To find out more about our services and how they could benefit your organisation, please contact us on 0844 2250672 or via